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08. Lebanon’s October Uprising, Six Months Later

This is a conversation with Lebanese journalist Timour Azhari of Al Jazeera (previously The Daily Star) about the legacy of the October 17 uprising six months since it began. We spoke about the current state of Lebanese politics, the government’s response to the Covid-19 crisis and its impact on the country’s most vulnerable groups as well as what protesters might be expected to face once the pandemic is over.

You can read Azhari’s work on Al Jazeera here as well as his archives at The Daily Star here. He is also very active on Twitter with regular updates on Lebanese affairs.

You can follow the podcast on Twitter @FireTheseTimes.

You can also support it on Patreon @firethesetimes or @joeyayoub.

This episode is dedicated to the work of Syrian Eyes. Please check out their fundraising to help prevent a large-scale escalation of the Covid19 outbreak in refugee settlements in Lebanon.

Featured photo was taken by Hassan Chamoun (I modified it a bit for the episode). Music by Tarabeat. Logo design by Carl Farra.

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