the fire these times

28. Who Owns This World? Grief, Borders and Music (with Yousef Kekhia)

This is a conversation with Yousef Kekhia, a Berlin-based Syrian singer, songwriter and producer originally from Aleppo. I spoke to Yousef about his debut album Monologue, described as such:

“On December 13th Syrian electronic-folk artist Yousef Kekhia will release his long awaited debut album “Monologue”. With a unique combination of arabic lyrics, western folk and electronic music he creates his own universe of spheric and yet intimate soundscapes. Lyrically, “Monologue” is a very personal but still universal journey through the singers life. About his situation as a refugee, dealing with cancer, anxiety and depression. Kekhia’s approach to these heavy topics is turning them into positive messages through the spirit of music.”

I have been genuinely moved by his music and I think this conversation will show you why.

Pluggables: Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud and Twitter. And his bandcamp account where you can buy his music and other merch is here (I myself have the Monologue Premium Vinyl Bundle). You can also read Yousef’s profile on Project Revolver.

You can also support Yousef’s work directly on Patreon.

The playlist from Bandcamp is below. If you click on each song you can read the Arabic lyrics and their English translation.

1.Al Bidaye (The Beginning) 04:22
2.Bshi Yom (One Day) 04:54
3.Faragh (Emptiness) 06:35
4.Mafi Shi Byijama’na (Nothing Unites Us) 05:28
5.Lahn Al Hayat (The Anthem of Life) 04:09
6.Ana Al Kezeb (I Am the Lie) 07:19
7.Khalaya Sarataniye (Cancerous Cells) 06:07
8.Hal Ard Lamin? (Album Version) (Who is This Earth For?) 05:13
9.Al Tayr (The Bird) 04:47

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Usual music by Tarabeat, in addition to the three songs by Yousef. Photo taken from Youssef’s bandcamp page.

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