the fire these times

59-60/(Anti-)Fascism and the Future of Complex Warfare (with Emmi Bevensee)

This is a two-parts conversation with Emmi Bevensee. They’re a data journalist who utilizes a data storytelling approach to make complexity understandable.

We spoke about so many things that I can only write them down as categories.

Part 1, out on January 30th (Patreon supporters) and January 31st (General Public).

First section: Complex Warfare; Disinformation Warfare; Drones; 3D-printed Guns; Houthis and Saudi Arabia; Asymmetrical Warfare; Surveillance; Anti-authoritarian communities; Open-source intelligence (OSINT); Katehon; Russia; Complexity Dynamics; Pandemics and Viral Spreads; Ukraine/Russia/Syria.

Second section: 8kun; 8chan; 4chan; Gamergate; Gab; Parler; January 6 Coup Attempt; Jim Watkins; Ron Atkins; QAnon; Child sexual abuse (not in detail, just in the context of the Watkins family’s role in the online hate scene); Swarm tactics; BBC Eye investigations; Shabbiha; Mexican government, paramilitary troops and the Zapatistas; role of governments in conspiracies like QAnon; Kraken; Dominion Conspiracy; Trump; ‘Stop The Steal’; Cults; Hezbollah; “Q Clearance: Unmasking QAnon” podcast with Jake Hanrahan;

Third Section: Syncretism; Fascist entryism; Alt-Imperialism; Legacy of 2003 Invasion of Iraq on Campism; Boomer socialism; Answer coalition; Stop The War in the UK; Anti-semitism; Assadists; Hong Kong; Dugin and Duginism; Ajamu Baraka and the US Green Party; Code Pink.

Fourth Section: Syria; Living on the Turkey-Syria Border; No Fly Zone; Syrian Refugee Crisis; Lessons from the Syrian experience for anti-authoritarians; Syrian-related disinformation and authoritarianism; Libya; London Syria scene.

Part 2, out on February 6th (Patreon supporters) and February 7th (General Public)

Fifth Section: Eco-Fascism; the ‘Thanos’ tendency; Climate grief; Climate anxiety; Climate denialism; Manipulative algorithms; Network effects; Peer-to-peer technology; Gab; Alt-right echo chambers; Machine learning vs human moderation; Leftism in the 21st century; Anarchism; Post-leftism; Internationalism; Anti-authoritarianism;

Sixth Section: Mutualism; Currency; Capitalism; Economic Coordination; Iroquois Longhouse Systems; Tragedy of the commons (disproving it); Revealed vs Stated Preference; Reading authoritarian literature; Prioritising and Strategising within activism.

Seventh Section: Emotional Anarchism; Recommended books.

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