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65/ A Rapid and Just Transition of Aviation: Shifting towards climate-just mobility (with Anne Kretzschmar)

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This is a conversation with Anne Kretzschmar. She’s a coordinator with the Stay Grounded network which works on a global level to reduce air traffic and build a climate-just transport system. They recently published a paper entitled ‘A Rapid and Just Transition of Aviation: Shifting towards climate-just mobility‘ which was a big part of our conversation.

Topics discussed:

  • Social and environmental costs of airport projects
  • The problem behind ‘carbon offsetting’
  • Looking for just alternatives
  • Tackling tax exemption for aviation
  • How flying is already unjust
  • The problem of frequent flyers
  • Implementing actual limits (frequent flyer levee)
  • Europe’s lack of international booking for trains
  • Trains can also be a problem (example of Maya Train project in Mexico)
  • Wider question of asking what kind of mobility do we need and wand and how can we distribute it in a just way
  • Taking the topic of jobs and labor seriously
  • Impact of COVID-19 on aviation and what might come next
  • Degrowth
  • Change by Design or by Disaster
  • Green New Deal for Gatwick
  • How ‘bailouts’ rarely actually support those most impacted by industry losses
  • Alternative tourisms
  • The importance of internationality and the centrality of environmental justice
  • Supporting critical aviator workers
  • Airport-related Injustice and Resistance map

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Music by Tarabeat.

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