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70/ (Post)Sectarianization: Mapping the New Politics of the Middle East (With Nader Hashemi & Danny Postel)

This is a conversation with Nader Hashemi and Danny Postel. Hashemi is the Director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Denver and Postel is Assistant Director of the Center for International & Area Studies at Northwestern University.

We spoke about their book “Sectarianization: Mapping the New Politics of the Middle East

Topics Discussed:

  • The Syria narrative across the ideological divides relying on lazy orientalist tropes
  • What is sectarianization and how does it defer from sectarianism?
  • The legacy of 1979
  • Is sectarianization itself an authoritarian process?
  • The case of Bahrain and Syria’s regimes
  • How sectarianization is now just top-down
  • The case of the Syrian opposition
  • How to balance the need to be specific without generalizing
  • How it differs in Lebanon and Iraq compared to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria and Bahrain
  • The relevance of religiosity
  • The case of Tunisia
  • Future Lebanese elections
  • How the popularity of Hezbollah and Iran have changed in the Arab world
  • Post/de/anti-sectarianization
  • The case of Lebanon post-October 2019
  • Syria as the fault line for Hezbollah and Iran
  • Left-wing orientalism
  • Post-sectarianization: pathways

Resources mentioned:

Recommended Books



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