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72/ The Inherent Toxicity of France’s ‘Islamo-Leftism’ Obsession (with Rim-Sarah Alouane)

This is a conversation with Rim-Sarah Alouane. She’s a French legal academic, commentator, and PhD candidate in law researching religious freedom, human rights, and civil liberties in France, Europe & North America.

We spoke about a recent piece she wrote entitled ‘A Spectre in France’s Public Debate: Islamo-Leftism‘ for Reset Dialogues.

Topics Discussed

  • What the fuck is ‘Islamo-leftism’
  • How fringe conspiracy theories are being mainstreamed in France
  • The role of anti-American sentiments in propagating these phenomena
  • Understanding the specificity of French laicité/secularism
  • The youth being more comfortable with multi-culturalism, which is provoking a conservative backlash
  • The slippery slope of what’s being normalized (including security laws)
  • The links between antisemitism and islamophobia, in terms of political rhetoric especially
  • The legacy of colonial thinking
  • The personal cost of rising authoritarianism in France

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