Ukraine Series: 2. From Ukraine, with Love (and Anger) w/ Romeo Kokriatski

The second episode of the Ukraine Series is with Ukrainian journalist Romeo Kokriatski, who came on to talk to us about the first month of Russia’s all-out invasion of Ukraine.

What is happening? Why is it happening? And what might happen next?

He is managing editor at New Voice Ukraine, co-host of the Ukraine Without Hype podcast (go check it out) and has written for outlets such as Nihilist, Hromadske, Zaborona, and more.

Kokriatski will also be the co-host and co-researcher for the Ukraine Series from now on!

Website: http://TheFireThisTi.Me
Twitter + Instagram @ firethesetimes

Links on how to help Ukrainians:


PS: if my voice sounds weird here it’s because I managed to get myself infected with COVID-19, so that’s been fun.

Important note: this is not a news update. For news updates check the podcasts below:

  • Ukraine Without Hype by Romeo Kokriatski and A. Bartaway
  • Popular Front
  • Ukrainecast – BBC
  • The Ex-Worker
  • Talk Eastern Europe

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