Podcast: Black Anarchism, Abolition and the Radical Tradition w/ William C. Anderson

This is a conversation with William C. Anderson, author of the book The Nation on No Map (AK Press 2021) and co-author of As Black as Resistance (AK Press 2018). He’s also the co-founder of Offshoot Journal and provides creative direction as a producer of the Black Autonomy Podcast.

Topics Discussed:

  • Long conversation on Black anarchism
  • The influence of Zen Buddhism
  • Seeing the world as a janitor
  • Critiques of black nationalism, capitalism and liberalism
  • The legacy of slavery and Reconstruction on Black people in the US
  • Tensions between ‘reform’ and ‘revolution’
  • The legacy of the Black Panthers Party
  • Internationalism vs Intercomunalism
  • Afro-futurism and Solarpunk

Recommended Books:

  • A Map to the Door of No Return by Dionne Brand
  • The Terms of Order: Political Science and the Myth of Leadership by Cedric J. Robinson
  • Facing Reality by C.L.R. James and Grace C. Lee

The James Baldwin clip I mentioned.

Also: check out the Black Autonomy Podcast, Offshoot Journal and The Sorstre Institute.

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