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62/ How to Limit Global Warming to 1.5°C: A Societal Transformation Scenario

This is a conversation with Kai Kuhnhenn and Linda Schneider. They recently co-wrote a really important and freely-available study exploring a Societal Transformation Scenario (STS) on how to limit global warming to 1.5°C. The episode will be out on February 20th (Patreon supporters) and February 21st (General Public). Here’s the abstract: To stop climate change, […]

61/ A Class Analysis of the Arab Spring (with Anand Gopal)

This is a conversation with Anand Gopal about his essay for Catalyst Journal entitled ‘The Arab Thermidor‘ in which he presents a class analysis of the Arab Spring. We spoke about a number of Arab-majority countries but with a focus on Syria. Anand is also the author of No Good Men Among the Living: America, […]

59-60/(Anti-)Fascism and the Future of Complex Warfare

This is a two-parts conversation with Emmi Bevensee. They’re a data journalist who utilizes a data storytelling approach to make complexity understandable. We spoke about so many things that I can only write them down as categories. Part 1, out on January 30th (Patreon supporters) and January 31st (General Public). First section: Complex Warfare; Disinformation […]

56/A Region in Revolt (Book Launch)

This is the audio version of the virtual book launch of ‘A region in revolt: Mapping the recent uprisings in North Africa and West Asia‘. I took part in it alongside a number of the co-authors of the book. See you all in 2021. The Fire These Times will be back in mid-January. A wave […]


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