Podcast Episode: Climate Narratives that Go Beyond the Apocalypse w/ Alyssa Hull

This is a conversation with Alyssa Hull who splits her time between teaching high school biology and environmental science and writing speculative fiction. We spoke about what it’s like to talk to high school students about climate change, the role of fiction like Solarpunk and how to improve climate communication. The article she wrote that […]

Podcast: Pro-Palestine Activism, Anti-Authoritarianism and Democracy in the Arab World w/ Dana El-Kurd

This is a conversation with Dana El-Kurd, her second time on the podcast. We spoke about a paper that she wrote entitled “Gateway to dissent: the role of pro-Palestine activism in opposition to authoritarianism.” We primarily spoke about the role of pro-Palestine activism in pro-democracy movements in the Arab world (with examples from Qatar, Lebanon, […]

Podcast: What Asexuality Says About Society w/ Angela Chen

This is a conversation with Angela Chen, author of the book ‘Ace: What Asexuality Reveals About Desire, Society, and the Meaning of Sex‘. This isn’t an Asexuality 101 episode. Feel free to look up the basics if you want. There are loads of asexuals who do explain what it means, Angela Chen’s book including. This […]

Podcast: Black Anarchism, Abolition and the Radical Tradition w/ William C. Anderson

This is a conversation with William C. Anderson, author of the book The Nation on No Map (AK Press 2021) and co-author of As Black as Resistance (AK Press 2018). He’s also the co-founder of Offshoot Journal and provides creative direction as a producer of the Black Autonomy Podcast. Topics Discussed: Long conversation on Black […]

Podcast: The threads that bind us from Syria to Ukraine

This episode is a multilingual online encounter, part of the Post-Extractive Futures series, co-produced by War on Want, Tipping Point UK, JunteGente, and The Fire These Times project. I was the moderator. It will be available on all podcast apps as well tomorrow, Friday 22nd of April. The following transcription is courtesy of Antidotezine. There […]

Podcast: Football is Political: #Qatar2022, Russia and What Comes Next w/ Musa Okwonga and Justin Salhani

This is a conversation with Justin Salhani of ‘Oh My Goal’ and Musa Okwonga (his 4th time on the pod) of ‘Stadio‘ about football, politics and human rights. We talked about the upcoming world cup in Qatar, the role of dirty money in football (including Russian, Emirati and Saudi) and what might come next. Support: […]

Podcast: What ‘Living With Covid’ Actually Means w/ Martin Paul Eve

This is a conversation with academic Martin Paul Eve, professor of Literature, Technology and Publishing at Birkbeck, University of London. We spoke about his article ‘just the first two years‘ about what the past two years of pandemic have been for him as someone with an autoimmune condition called panhypogammaglobulinemia. I found his article as […]

Podcast: The Urgency of the IPCC Report w/ Dr Rupa Mukerji and Dr Lisa Schipper

This is a conversation with Dr Rupa Mukerji and Dr Lisa Schipper, both of whom worked on the most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report. What we talked about: What you should know about the most recent IPCC report In-depth exploration of the IPCC report Understanding vulnerabilities to climate change What is Maladaptation? […]

Podcast: The Periphery and Aimé Césaire’s Ghosts in the Syrian Revolution (with Fadi Bardawil)

This is a conversation with Fadi Bardawil, his 2nd time on the podcast. Bardawil is an anthropologist who researches the Leftist tradition in the Arab world. In this episode, we talked about two essays he’s written: “Forsaking the Syrian Revolution: An Anti-Imperialist Handbook” and “Critical Theory in a Minor Key to Take Stock of the […]


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