Podcast: Seeking Refuge on the World’s Deadliest Migration Route w/ Sally Hayden

This is a conversation with Sally Hayden, an Irish journalist and writer. A foreign correspondent, she has reported from Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda. Her book My Fourth Time, We Drowned, an investigation into the so-called migrant crisis in Europe, was published in 2022. Support: thefirethesetimes.substack.comTwitter: Recommended Books: A Stricken Field: […]

Podcast: Nostalgia in the Periphery w/ Efe Levent

This is a conversation with Efe Levent, editor-in-chief at Mangal Media about their recent ‘Nostalgia in the Periphery‘ project. Support: thefirethesetimes.substack.comTwitter: Recommended Books: Nostalgia in the Periphery by Mangal Media The People in the Trees by Hanya Yanagihara  The Time Regulation Institute by Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Interior Chinatown by Charles Yu 

Podcast: A View on Ukraine, Hong Kong & Tiananmen, from Taiwan w/ Wen Liu & Brian Hioe

This is a conversation with Wen Liu and Brian Hioe, authors of the piece “From Taiwan to Ukraine” on Spectre. This episode was co-hosted by Romeo Kokriatski, co-host of the podcast “Ukraine Without Hype.” Support: thefirethesetimes.substack.comTwitter: Recommended Books: Reorienting Hong Kong’s Resistance Leftism, Decoloniality, and Internationalism, edited by Wen Liu, JN Chien, […]

Podcast: From Yarmouk to the World: On Syria, Palestine and Lebanon w/ Nidal Betare

Nidal Betare joins Joey Ayoub to talk about growing up in Yarmouk, being Palestinian-Syrian and the links between Syria, Palestine and Lebanon. Support: Twitter: Instagram: Recommended Books: Samir Kassir’s books: ديمقراطية سوريا واستقلال لبنان: البحث عن ربيع دمشق، دار النهار، 2004 and عسكر على مين؟: لبنان الجمهورية المفقودة، دار النهار، 2004 […]

Podcast: What is Happening in Tigray? w/ Teklehaymanot Weldemichel

Tigrayan academic Teklehaymanot Weldemichel joins Joey Ayoub to talk about what’s been happening in Tigray. Resources: Omna Tigray Tghat HRW Report: “We Will Erase You from This Land” Art by Tigray Art Collective. Support: TheFireThisTi.Me Substack: Twitter: Instagram: Recommended Books: George Orwell – Animal Farm Hannah Arendt – The Origins of […]

Podcast: Climate Narratives that Go Beyond the Apocalypse w/ Alyssa Hull

This is a conversation with Alyssa Hull who splits her time between teaching high school biology and environmental science and writing speculative fiction. We spoke about what it’s like to talk to high school students about climate change, the role of fiction like Solarpunk and how to improve climate communication. The article she wrote that […]

Podcast: Pro-Palestine Activism, Anti-Authoritarianism and Democracy in the Arab World w/ Dana El-Kurd

This is a conversation with Dana El-Kurd, her second time on the podcast. We spoke about a paper that she wrote entitled “Gateway to dissent: the role of pro-Palestine activism in opposition to authoritarianism.” We primarily spoke about the role of pro-Palestine activism in pro-democracy movements in the Arab world (with examples from Qatar, Lebanon, […]

Podcast: What Asexuality Says About Society w/ Angela Chen

This is a conversation with Angela Chen, author of the book ‘Ace: What Asexuality Reveals About Desire, Society, and the Meaning of Sex‘. This isn’t an Asexuality 101 episode. Feel free to look up the basics if you want. There are loads of asexuals who do explain what it means, Angela Chen’s book including. This […]


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