how you can support the podcast

if you can donate 1$ a month, this is what I’ll be able to do.


Biweekly Episodes

In-depth conversations twice a month.

Community building

I wish to be active in helping build transnational links from all around the world. I’ll invite guests to interact with one another in separate episodes in the spirit of partnership-building.

Extensive Lists

Every episode will come with an associated blog post on this website alongside a ton of related links. The idea is to always provide further reading, viewing and listening to those who wish to learn further about the topics being discussed.

What your money will go to


The more time I spend on an episode, the better it is. Every episode requires several hours worth of research and can include direct costs such as buying the book(s). The indirect cost is the time spent on each episode, time I could be working on paid projects, whenever I find them.

Training other people

I fully intend on using my skills to help others who have fewer resources. All I need is to be able to afford the time required to do so. This will include everything from tips on guerilla translations to writing and editing for would-be citizen journalists. For a segment of my CV, please check the about page.


I bought this domain name so that it can be turned into a website promoting transnational, anti-authoritarian and eco-feminist worldviews through articles, interviews, and so on. I hope to be able to do this eventually. The podcast is phase one of this project, and your donations would go towards the project as a whole.

Partnership with other podcasts

I don’t want this be yet another isolated project dedicated to self-promotion. I’m tired of the competition between activists that has become so common in the era of social media. I don’t want this project to eclipse other projects; on the contrary I’ll use mine to highlight other projects as well. This will include partnering with other podcasts to have episodes in common when relevant.

if you have questions that you wish to ask about the podcast before donating, here’s my email: j.ayoub [at] gmail [dot] com
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